Workshops & Seminars

Ergonomic Education

Education in the form of group workshops is offered by Apex Therapy Services in order to provide a basic understanding of proper body mechanics and injury-prevention at the worksite. Emphasis is placed on maintaining correct body and joint positioning through both equipment/furniture as well as use of proper techniques for a specific job. There are currently two different workshops available: office ergonomics, and ergonomics for the oral health professional.

Dental Clinic workshops

Oral Health Professionals know first-hand how their specific job can place them at great risk of injury – usually in the form of repetitive strain. This workshop is designed to focus on specific habits/techniques used in the clinical setting as well as how both the clinician’s and patient’s postures/positions can impact his or her health over time. Common injuries such as neck, back, and hand/wrist pain are addressed as well as methods and equipment to prevent these injuries.

Assistive Technology

With so much new technology and wireless environmental controls, there are more options than ever for people living with a disability. In this workshop, information related to general phone accessibility, alternative access methods, and smart home technology is discussed. This workshop is intended to assist case managers, therapists, and end-users to expand their knowledge in this area.

What's New

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) - Apex Therapy Services is now able to provide the Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation! This is a detailed, task-based assessment of a person’s capacity to safely complete his/her work duties. Typically done in the clinic setting, various standardized tools and measurements are used in order to provide an objective evaluation and report for the employer or agency.

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Exposure Therapy - Working in collaboration with the client and employer, an exposure therapy program designed by an Apex OT will assist a person on leave from a mental illness to return to his/her regular daily activities. The program is intended to provide a gradual increase or graduated “exposure” to various activities and work duties in order to promote a successful return to work.

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