Cognitive and Mental Health Services

Occupational Therapists at Apex Therapy Services are trained to assess and treat a variety of mental health conditions in order to promote a return to basic, daily activities, including work. Various standardized assessments and specific, customized therapies are used to achieve these goals and OT’s will work closely with the support systems to ensure a collaborative approach is used.

Exposure Therapy:

When a person is on leave due to mental illness, exposure therapy can be a critical element to a successful return to daily activities and ultimately, a return to his/her work. An initial meeting is conducted with the client to determine the barriers inhibiting the person’s return to daily activities. The OT then works with the client and employer to identify the return-to-work goals and implement the exposure therapy plan. The program usually involves a gradual return to the work environment and is carefully monitored by the therapist to ensure success.

In Home Functional Assessments:

This can involve assessing a person’s capacity to complete self-care, meals, household management (laundry and housekeeping), and community outings.  Once the assessments are complete, a plan is established which recommends the appropriate supports, resources, equipment, and treatment plan for the individual.


Apex OT’s are trained assessors with the BrainFX cognitive test – a comprehensive tool that can be used to measure the functional impact of a brain injury or disorder. These assessments address the areas of mood, social, behavioral, fine motor skills, and balance and assist the OT in planning appropriate interventions.