Virtual Ergonomic Consultation

In order to protect our clients further during the COVID-19 pandemic, Apex Therapy Services now offers virtual workstation consultations with a registered Occupational Therapist (O.T.). Typically, virtual visits can be less expensive than a regular visit and can be arranged on a timelier basis. More and more people are reaching out to Apex Therapy Services since the start of the pandemic, reporting issues of pain when working in their home office areas. Home workstations are all too often assembled using any chair, desk, and computer that are available, unlike our regular office spaces. Apex OTs are all trained to assess an individual’s workstation, whether at the office or home environment and provide applicable recommendations specific to an individual’s needs. All virtual appointments will also include a comprehensive handout pertaining to office ergonomics in addition to recommendations pertaining to your workstation set-up.

Disclaimer: please note that a virtual consultation is not intended to replace a custom assessment that may be required for certain individuals with unique needs and more complex diagnoses. At times, specific strategies and equipment may be recommended that will require measurements and in-person observations. Your Occupational Therapist will be able to advise you at your virtual appointment should your situation require further intervention.

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