Home & Personal Care Assessments & Interventions

An assessment of a person’s ability to complete various aspects of self-care at any stage of life. For example, assessments usually include transfers, mobility, hygiene/dressing, bathing, meal-preparation, community outings, etc. Recommendations for improvement are also provided (e.g. Home Care supports, adaptive equipment including wheelchairs, bathing equipment, etc).

Housing Assessments & Therapeutic Interventions:

An assessment of the home or place of residence in order to assist with maintaining a client’s independence in his/her home environment.  This assessment usually involves recommendations for greater accessibility and/or safety.  For example, environment adaptations for wheelchairs, tub equipment/modifications, etc.

Seating Assessments & Therapeutic Interventions:

Involves assessing a client for an appropriate wheelchair or seating system and providing recommendations for specific wheelchairs, positioning devices, and how to maintain skin integrity.  When considering the type of wheelchair or seating system, the accessibility of the home is also considered.

OT Discharge Planning:

A thorough plan for when a person goes home from the hospital is highly recommended in order to avoid unnecessary stress and potential safety issues that may arise upon discharge.  This service involves the Occupational Therapist meeting with hospital/institution staff to assist in planning for various services, equipment, and therapies required for a client upon discharge from any institution.

Dependent/Caregiver Assessments & Therapeutic Interventions:

Involves assessing the needs of a caregiver or parent that is having difficulty caring for the dependent.  Therapeutic recommendations can be made to relieve caregiver stress – physical or mental.

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