This website and all information contained, is intended to provide an outline of the stated company and provide basic and brief education regarding some of the services offered by Apex Therapy Services. It is not intended to describe a comprehensive assessment and/or treatment plan for any specific individual or associate reading the information. It is always recommended that any individual suffering any injury or disability have a customized comprehensive assessment and treatment by a qualified healthcare professional.

What’s New

Virtual ergonomic consultation with a registered OT – Now more than ever, people are working in new environments – very often in the home since moving out of business offices during the pandemic. Unfortunately, these work spaces are usually set up using whatever home furniture is available and very quickly we find out this set up was not intended for long-term use and may in fact be causing pain. Apex Therapy Services now offers ergonomic and workstation consultations virtually to assist with your specific home-office needs!

Home accessibility, falls prevention, energy conservation – Apex Therapy Services Occupational Therapists are able to assess all areas of a person’s home to provide energy conservation strategies as well as assess potential areas of fall risk. There are many interventions and adaptive aids that can be used to allow for greater independence and safety when mobilizing in the home, even for accessing different floors of the home.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) – Apex Therapy Services is now able to provide the Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation! This is a detailed, task-based assessment of a person’s capacity to safely complete his/her work duties. Typically done in the clinic setting, various standardized tools and measurements are used in order to provide an objective evaluation and report for the employer or agency.