Dental Clinic Ergonomics

As dental clinic managers know, the risks of injury are higher with dental staff when compared to office staff in other working environments.  Apex Therapy Services is able to provide the education and recommendations for change required to decrease the risk of injury.

Russel Dyck O.T.Reg.(MB) has had extensive experience in providing both general ergonomic training to dental staff, as well as custom ergonomic assessments for dentists, registered dental hygienists, and dental assistants.  “Lunch and Learn” training sessions are a fun and efficient way for oral health professionals to gain the education they need to make practical changes to their current body mechanics and prevent repetitive strain injury.  For those clinicians already suffering the “wear and tear” of their job, custom ergonomic assessments may be required in order to provide the individual with more specific observations and recommendations that are applicable to their workstation.  Apex Therapy Services assessments and education sessions can also be approved for continuing education by the College of Registered Dental Hygenists.

Apex Therapy Services