What we do

Based in Manitoba, Apex Therapy Services offers a wide range of services to businesses and individual clients that can assist with maintaining physical and mental health at home and at work.

Why do I need an Occupational Therapist (O.T.)?

Most individuals acknowledge some level of pain or discomfort associated with completing an activity of daily life at home or in the work environment, whether related to injury or illness. An OT is able to accurately assess your environment and provide practical strategies for a positive change. This can involve body positioning/techniques, modifying a workstation or duty, educational workshops and other strategies that will make a difference!

What’s New

Falls prevention, home accessibility, energy conservation – According to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, falls are a leading cause of injury among elderly Canadians and are the cause of 85% of hospitalizations of seniors. Apex Therapy Services Occupational Therapists are able to assess all areas of a person’s home to identify potential areas of fall risk and provide energy conservation strategies. There are many interventions and adaptive aids that can be used to allow for greater independence and safety when mobilizing in the home, even for accessing different floors of the home.

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Virtual ergonomic consultation with a registered OT – Now more than ever, people are working in new environments – very often in the home since moving out of business offices during the pandemic. Unfortunately, these work spaces are usually set up using whatever home furniture is available and very quickly we find out this set up was not intended for long-term use and may in fact be causing pain. Apex Therapy Services now offers ergonomic and workstation consultations virtually to assist with your specific home-office needs!

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