Apex Therapy Services and COVID-19

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What we do

Based in Manitoba, Apex Therapy Services offers a wide range of services to businesses and individual clients that can assist with maintaining physical and mental health at work.

Why do I need an Occupational Therapist (O.T.)?

Most individuals acknowledge some level of pain associated with being at work – whether this be minor or more significant pain from an injury or illness. An OT is able to accurately assess the work environment and provide practical, ergonomic strategies for positive change. This can involve body positioning/techniques, changes to the work environment/workstation, educational workshops, and other strategies that will make a difference!

What's New

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) - Apex Therapy Services is now able to provide the Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation! This is a detailed, task-based assessment of a person’s capacity to safely complete his/her work duties. Typically done in the clinic setting, various standardized tools and measurements are used in order to provide an objective evaluation and report for the employer or agency.

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Exposure Therapy - Working in collaboration with the client and employer, an exposure therapy program designed by an Apex OT will assist a person on leave from a mental illness to return to his/her regular daily activities. The program is intended to provide a gradual increase or graduated “exposure” to various activities and work duties in order to promote a successful return to work.

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