Worksite Assessments & Therapeutic Interventions

A full worksite assessment is beneficial in order to assist with potential underlying causes of workplace injury and assist with recovery. Recommendations are also provided to the client and employer in order to prevent further injury and assist with treatment of any current physical or cognitive issue(s) observed on the job.

Services can include:

  • Job Demands Analysis
  • Percentage of Duties Assessments
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Return to Work Programs

Ergonomic Assessments & Therapeutic Interventions:

An assessment that pertains more specifically to body/joint positioning and movements at the client’s workstation. Once the assessment is completed, interventions can include: education on body mechanics, equipment recommendations, work-schedule changes, and work duty modifications. Two different services available:

  • General Ergonomic Education session
  • Custom Ergonomic Assessment

Job/Physical Demands Analysis:

A detailed analysis of the various components of a specific job is often required in order to determine if and when a worker is able to return to the same job after an injury. Knowing what physical demands are required for each task of the job can be essential for assisting the rehabilitation process, making therapy more job-focused and practical. Often, modifications to the job can be incorporated to assist in providing an earlier return to work (see “return to work programs”).

Return-To-Work Programs & Therapeutic Interventions:

Specific programs are designed by this therapist and tailored to the client’s specific needs in order to allow for a successful return-to-work after an injury or medical issue. Regular communication between the therapist and employer is usually required.

Customized programs have become a focus of Apex Therapy Services as every employer knows that each worker is different and barriers to a successful return to work can be numerous and complex. Return-To-Work programs can be designed not only to accommodate a basic injury, but also can address other potential issues such as pre-existing conditions (e.g. mental health disorder, fatigue, etc) as well as other stressors in the worker’s life that may impact the job.

Percentage of Duties:

Usually required for insurance purposes, a Percentage of Duties assessment outlines the number of hours and types of work duties that a worker is able to manage after an injury. As with any worksite assessment, an O.T. is able to determine what changes could be made to the work duties and/or workstation in order to make the return to work a success and increase the percentage capacity of the worker.

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